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Friday, March 6, 2009

Jaya Row Biography

Jaya Row

Mrs. Jaya Row is the creator of Vedanta Vision and initiator-Managing Trustee of Vedanta Trust. Vedanta Vision is devoted to the support of Vedanta, Indian philosophy – the oldest managing school in the world. Vedanta is a science of living that empowers each entity to achieve achievement, pleasure, increase and fulfilment.

Mrs.Jaya Row has exhausted virtually thirty years in the study and explore of Vedanta. She has an initial class university record in Microbiology and has had a famous executive career which she renounced to apply herself full time to the understanding and re-presentation of Vedanta for the modern generation. Mrs. Row has helped change people’s concept of Indian scriptures. From that obsolete text of bygone ages only to be revered, to that of a living, vibrant instruction for achievement, happiness and individual growth.

Mrs. Jaya Row uses her background of Science and Management to converse Vedanta successfully to the educated elite. Her seminars for corporate executive have had a deep force.

She has been rated best lecturer prestigious Conferences. Her seminars help develop a organization style that is not only successful but uniquely Indian. Create the most valued of corporate assests – the fulfilled, dynamic human beings – a person of impeccable nature, honesty and development.

Mrs. Row’s discourses on the Bhagavad Gita draw large audiences in India and abroad.

She addresses elite group of industrialists, businessmen, the Consular Crops and other expatriates. These discourses are sponsored by Chief Corporate bodies like the Tata Group – Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces, HDFC, Asian Paints, Unichem Laboratories, Piramal Enterprises etc.

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Sriramaiah Setty September 29, 2015 at 11:39 PM  

Learn to love your family members for what they are. Accept them as they are. Do not try to change them, particularly kids. A coconut can only grow into a coconut tree. It cannot transform into a mango tree because you want it to. the speaking tree dt.30 Sept 15.
The human soul or individual soul, is potential of transforming into THAT, from where it has stated as fragment, and bound to reach back, by only self efforts and nothing else. It may be helped by others, like parents, Gurus, etc., Is it not the duty of parents to create the Right opportunity to that child, to grow what it is destained ?.
Sriramaiah setty AC, Theosophical Society, Bangalore City Lodge, Bangalore. 9449163235
With many respects and Pranams.

M. Raman Panicker August 6, 2016 at 8:09 AM  

I had come across a video "Ramayana in Human Physiology, Part I" by Dr. Tony Nader, in which I understand that Vedic structure and human body match one to one and Ramayana shows the Inter relation in the growth / evolution process. As you know better about our vedic literature, I wish to hear a talk on this new interpretations.


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