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Friday, October 23, 2009

Daati Madan Maharaj:

Daati Madan Maharaj:
‘Daati’ Madan Maharaj was born in Rajasthan in the town of Alawas in Sojat Tehsil District of Pali ( Rajasthan ). From the age of seven that he had the quest to identify the great and gain information about the almighty. Throughout his early part of life he lived in deep woods & quiet caves of Himalayas. He not at all looked down the hustle & bustle of Metropolitan cities.

He appreciates a regal palace and cremation ground regularly and notifies that this world is completed due to the reality of both. Daati Maharaj ji has qualified the sweet & sour instant of each phase of life. He has felt the hurt of all the people whether poor or rich. He has a very nice image of every sort of condition faced by a household or a disgust moderate. That is the basis for him to recognize and direct someone in suffering is easier and the result he gives correct and one can find difficulty along with it close understanding of ones daily life troubles as one hears him.

Shri Daati Maharaj

Dati Madan Maharaj Wallpaper

Dati Madan Maharaj Shani Dev Photo

Daati Maharaj Wallpaper

Daati Madan Maharaj Wallpaper

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Daati Madan Maharaj Photo



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