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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Guru Mooji

Guru Mooji

Mooji was born on 29 January 1954 in Port Antonia, Jamaica. In 1969, He moved to the UK and he is currently living in Brixton, London.

Mooji is a through devotee of Papaji, the well-known advaita master.

For a long time, he was fine recognized as Tony Moo, but is now tenderly known as Mooji. Behind touching to the UK and Setting in London, Mooji worked in London’s ‘West end’ as a street likeness artist for many years, then as a painter and a marked glass performer, and later as a teacher at Brixton College.

It shows that at a little point, Mooji got wedded and had numerous children. His eldest son died of pneumonia in 1994.

In 1987, a gathering, by chance, with a Christian mystic was to be a life-changing encounter for Mooji. It brought him, through prayer, into the shortest knowledge of the Divine within a short time; he experienced an essential shift in awareness so weighty that outwardly, he seem, to many who knew him, to be a completely dissimilar person. Since his religious awareness awakened, profound inner transformations began which outspread in the form of many miraculous experiences and mystical insights.

He felt a burly wind of modify during his life which bring with it a deep urge to submit finally to heavenly will. Soon after, he stopped teachings at the Brixton College, absent his home and began a life of silence simplicity and surrender. A great peace entered his beings, and has remained ever since.

Since 1999, Mooji has been distribution satsang in the structure of natural encounters, retreats, satsang intensives and one-to-one meetings with the many seekers who visit him, from all parts of the world, in hunt of the direct knowledge of fact.

His approach is shortest, clear, kindly and frequently. Once wedged in the grip of his questions, present seems to be no place to hide.

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