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Friday, March 6, 2009

Franklin Merrell-Wolff

Franklin Merrell-Wolff

Franklin F. Wolff was an American Mystic, Philosopher, and Mathematician who joint an unusual intelligence with reflective spiritual insight and authenticity. Born in 1887 in Pasadena, California, he was raised in San Fernando as the son of a Methodist priest. Wolff graduated from Stanford University in 1911 with a major in Mathematics and minors in philosophy, and psychology. He then went on to Harvard graduate school to study philosophy, Where he was chiefly unfair by the study of Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason.

Since an effect of his philosophical studies, Wolff “became converted of the likely survival of a transcendent mode of awareness that could not be comprehended within the limits of our ordinary forms of knowledge. “Earlier to finishing his degree at Harvard, he returned to Standard to educate mathematics.

When it became clear to him that he must “reach outside anything contained within the academic circles of the West” to understand Transcendental Consciousness, he left his gifted career in academia to engage in a spiritual work.

Wolff’s twenty years of seeking integrated deep actions within the theosophical, Sufi, and Hindu traditions. In the later part of his quest, Wolff was drawn to the idealistic works of the Indian sage Shankara, who founded the Advaita Vedanta School Hindu philosophy.

It was even as in deep meditation of the teaching of Shankara that, in 1936, Wolff’s efforts culminated in two Transcendental Realizations which provide the organization for his philosophy. Even as the first Realizations which provided the foundation for his philosophy. 

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