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Thursday, March 12, 2009



Adyashanti was born in 1962 in Cupertino, California. His known name is Stephen Gray.

At the age of nineteen, he came crosswise the idea of enlightenments in a book, and it ignite a wish to knowledge that deep state. He built a hut in his parents’ backyard and practiced meditation there with all the vigor of a spirited athlete, training under the regulation of Zen teacher Arvis Joen Justi.

When he was twenty-five, he qualified an development, which he describe as “a understanding of the original connectedness and oneness of all beings.”

For the next eight years he continued to consider – though he says that all intellect of attempt and anxiety vanished – and work in his father’s machine shop.

In 1996 Justi encouraged Gray to create teachings on his own. He gave his first talks in his aunt’s extra room above a garage to just a handful of students. Sometimes no one would show up. More a few years the small gatherings grow, until there were hundreds of students in presence each week. Throughout this time gray took the name “Adyashanti,” Sanskrit for “primordial peace.”

These days Adyashanti gives talks and weekend “intensives.” He also leads five-night silent retreats, which have become so accepted that register currently takes place by random chance. The nonprofit society Open entrance Sangha supports his job and sells his books and copy of his talks.


Adyashanti is wedded and life with his husband in the Bay Area, not far from his childhood home.

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