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Monday, July 19, 2010

Florian Tathagata

Florian Tathagata was born in 1956, in Germany. His traditions are Advaita. He has been functioning as Spiritual teacher.

People have always loved sharing and sitting in the presence of a roused mankind and experiencing that tender existence. Florian Tathagata and Julia-his life companion have traveled around the world for about 7 years tirelessly inviting seekers to know in their own experience who they actually are and to live as an embodiment of truth in daily life.

His life is simple and have unmistakable attitude. He embraces daily and is sharing with continually increasing number of “Friends of truth” and calls only those who wish being interested.

In his unmistakable manner he embraces the daily and simple life that he is sharing with a continually increasing number of 'friends of truth', as he calls all those being interested.

Once more the visitors of meetings inform of an all penetrating silence, of simple clarity and presence, of spontaneous awakening and of overflowing love and gratitude which they experience in Florian Tathagata‘s being there.

He is still frozen with both legs in normal daily life and at the same time in the heart extremely connected with Papaji, Jiddu Krishnamurti Ramana Maharshi, friend Isaac Shapiro and his teacher. Florian Tathagata talks and is very silent and his laughs and cries are present with everyone who would feel affection for to savour the “truth of awareness”.

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Florian Tathagata Picture

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