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Friday, July 16, 2010

Shri Soham Baba Giriji 1008

Soham baba was born on 25th December, 1967 in Calcutta, India. His traditions are Vamachari Naga Tantra and mysticism from Himalaya. The main countries of Activity are India, Bangladesh and Europe. He is still alive. He is also called as “Babaji”.

The Soham Baba’s function is very spiritual as his mission is a Spiritual Organization dedicated to wake up the alertness of Self-Realization, the finding out of one's true self to believe and accept life in its entirety.
He shows the real ways of life which encourage the people to evident Inner-Light towards enlightenment.

The Soham Baba Mission is a “World Peace Organization” devoted to evident person realization into universal realization (consciousness) and individual peace into worldwide peace by discovering the almighty possible in all human being.

The Soham Baba Mission is not only a Not-For-Profit Organization (NFP) but also a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), dedicated to provide its generous services to all such as the addict, the poorest of the poor, the forgotten, the lost, and the neglected ones all over the world to live life in harmony and in unity.

The involvement in scientific and educational research based upon the philosophy of the Himalayan wisdom. It is incorporated with the modern science from the West for a better understanding among all the nations of the world and the exchange of their finest variety.

It is a universal family dedicated to the noble tasks of offering Niscam Seva (Self-less services) to the children of the world, to Mother Nature and to the humankind for a peaceful, positive and plentiful tomorrow.

Saint Shri Guru Soham Baba Giriji Maharaj Photo

Soham Babaji Grijs Achtergrond

Saint Shri Soham Baba Giriji Photo

Soham Baba photo

Shri Soham Baba Giriji Wallpaper

Saint Shri Soham Baba Giriji Picture

Shri Saint Soham Baba Giriji Maharaj

Shri Soham Baba Image


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