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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Paul Brunton

Paul Brunton was born on 21st October, 1898 as Raphael Hurst in London and later altered his name to Brunton Paul and then Paul Brunton and died on 27th July, 1981 in Vevey, Switzerland.

Paul Brunton was a guru, mystic, traveler and also British philosopher. Having a desire to live and spend some time with mystics, yogis and sacred men, he left a journalistic career and studied in a wide range Western and Eastern esoteric teachings. As he was not satisfied with whole worldly life, he determine to visit India to know various spiritual traditions of India.

Devoting his life to spiritual quest and an inward, Brunton felt excited to converse his experiences to others about what he learned in the east. He was the first person who wrote accounts about he learned. A major influence of his works had spread largely and influence on the spread of Eastern mysticism to the West.

Paul Brunton was taking strain to communicate his thoughts in layperson's terms. Brunton had the ability to present what he learned from the Orient and also from olden tradition as a existing wisdom.

Paul Brunton had a strong talent in writings which express his view that the inward quest and meditation are not entirely for hermits and monks but will also contribute those all active lives and living normal in the Western world.

So many people came to him to get guidance and suggestion in their lives. He had not any wish to be a “Guru” and his spirituality was self clear.

Paul Brunton had expressed his all views and experiences in an attractive book named “"A Search in Secret India" and it was remarkable and made him successful author.

Paul Brunton Photo

Paul Brunton Picture

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