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Friday, July 23, 2010

Elisabeth Haich

Elisabeth Haich, a spiritual teacher, was born on March 20, 1897 in Budapest, Hungary. She was also an author of several books devoted to spiritual subjects. After the ending of the World War II, she escaped to Switzerland and appeared at the oldest yoga school, with Selvarajan Yesudian in Europe.

Elisabeth Haich reported the all things in the dramatic story such as her introduction to yoga in ancient Egypt, about her past life and her apprenticeship with Divine Ptahotep in her best known book “Initiation”.

Elisabeth Haich was the second child from four children, belonged from upper middle class family. She expressed as painter, sculptress and pianist. She continued her efforts in her these unique gifts and she was succeeded. After the 1st world war, she was globally recognized artist in the time and her sculptures were exhibited in Hungry and in plazas, as monuments.

From early age, she started to show special interest in esoteric knowledge because of inclination to art. She got married and had a son who helped her later by joining her in teaching Yoga in Switzerland.

With Selvarajan Yesudian-an Indian Yoga teacher, Elisabeth Haich started her lifetime spiritual partnership and companionship. She lectured and counseled seekers until the end of her life. She played her role as spiritual teacher with him constantly for 55 years till she died.

In other books, she included so many things such as Yoga & Destiny, The Day with Yoga, Sexual Energy, Self Healing, and Yoga & Wisdom of the Tarot.

Elisabeth Haich died on July 1, 1994. She was died in 1994.

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