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Friday, July 23, 2010

Maitreya Ishwara

Maitreya Ishwara was born on July 6, 1949 in England. He belongs from middle-class family in widnes, Cheshire. In his childhood, he was sensitive and shy. He worked as a good drummer and musician in his younger age. He was badly influenced by his band’s leader and had committed some petty crimes just for thrill, but shortly he ended with borstal.

After prison and some badly experiences of his life, he tried himself to turn at spiritual side and thought something to do for others. His related gurus are Osho and Ramesh Balsekar and other related Gurus are Shiva and Budhha.

In 1971, his quest for truth started. After the first spiritual get-together with Dalai Lama, in Osho he found his spiritual teacher in 1975. His meditation-intensive with Shambu, Ibiza. First satori by meeting of Poonjaji, Lucknow and second satori with Ramesh Balsekar, Bombay.

Later two years of meditation, he returned with Baba Purnanand and also Samdarshi in the Himalayas. In 1995, he felt the first experience of enlightenment and gradually felt God-realization and full enlightenment. Then after he started Satsangs globally since 1998.

He also wrote the book “Unity“. In 2000, New Zealand, establishment of Maitreya Meditation Centre (“Buddhafield“) take place.

Now as a messenger of source, Maitreya is fulfilling his fate. He has lost all sense of independent willing and functions only as a gadget of God.

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