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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sant Dnyaneshwar

Sant Dnyaneshwar – a well-known saint in Maharashtra – was born in Apegaon near Paithan. But Alandi is the rest well-known for his Samadhi. Sant Dnyaneshwar tired his little existence here. Guru enthused the whole Maharashtra to respect Lord Panduranga. “Dnyaneshwari” – his famous script (holy book) resolve always repeat him. Alandi is justly a pilgrim center. The Palakhi in the month of Ashadh is extremely established and many citizens walk roughly 150 kms Since Alandi to Pandharpur. Alandi is located on the banks of stream Indrayani and the ghat last the Samadhi temple is a extremely attractive. Samadhi temple is appeal to see and create a enjoyable atmosphere. This shrine was built in 1570. You can also see the well-known wall in Alandi on which Dnyaneshwar sat and fly the divider to gather Changdev.

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Sant Dnyaneshwar


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