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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Narayan Maharaj

Narayan Maharaj was born on May 20, 1885 (Bagalkot, India) and died on September 3, 1945 (Kedgaon, India) Guru Narayan Maharaj was early full of calamity. Narayan Maharaj lost his father, when he was barely 14 months old and lost his mother when he was four. As an experienced task his grandmother looked behind him. His blessed thread service was performed at the period of nine. His grandmother was forecast to employ Narayan as her heir, but it twisted troubles with further relative and he was also not involved in any objects gaining. He left his grandmother’s leave and every relation, as he was eager on recognized the only link with Lord Dattatreya. After exit home he took relax for the night in Shiva’s temple, however no one came to enquire about him. This proved toward be a chief occasion to split all the experienced ties for him.

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