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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Shlomo Kalo

Shlomo Kalo  

Shlomo Kalo is an Israeli religious teacher; creator and spiritual sage who published further than 60 books, several of his works are published in 17 countries.

Shlomo Kalo was born in 1928, in Sofia, Bulgaria, Aged 12, Kalo joined an anti-Fascist underground in Bulgaria. Aged 15, under Nazi job, he was imprisoned in a awareness camp in Somovit. Aged 18, he won a prize in a poetry struggle and went to Prague, where he calculated medicine and worked as a self-employed reporter. Before immigrating to Israel, aged 21, he was sent to Olomouc to train as a pilot. In 1958 he was awarded M.Sc. in microbiology by the Tel Aviv University. For 26 years and awaiting his departure in 1988 he worked as the director of medical laboratories.

The sharp twist in his life in which he gets realized occurred in the initial week of 1969 even as attractive a bus to work. The turn is well indication, amongst others, in his writings. 1988 was the year when the general media experience of his reflective and spiritual lifework began. While that time, messages and solutions to a mixture of issues have been both aired by national TV and radio channels, and extensively covered by the press in Israel.

Further than 60 titles of his were published in Israel, some of which were translate into English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Greek, Malayalam, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Korean, Serbo-Croatian, Hungarian and Romanian. His script contain: fictional and nonfiction, novels, juvenile, a new genre- “The Documented Story” and discourses.

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