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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Swami Premanandaji

Swami Premananda is a living enlightened spiritual master who born in 1951 in central Sri Lanka. He proved his name which means the master of almighty love (Prema) and sovereign delight (Ananda). He is a real master of East and an experienced teacher who reduces the clouds of ignorance from the human mind.

Swamiji had an extraordinary and unbelievable knowledge and spiritual power that was obvious from his childhood. At very small age of 17, he renounced the world and begun his mission for spiritual. Still he had been helping countless people of not a particular religion but all religion similarly and nationalities.

Premananda’s message and mission is to prove the existence of God and he wants to encourage and by bringing all on the path of spiritual, he lights the way to our internal truth. He encourages to all seeker of spiritual way to find the almighty within them self.

Swamiji spends most his time to discuss with the spiritual seekers and has ever time for all to talk about their inner spiritual ideas, hope and feelings.

Swami Premananda has his main spiritual centre in Tamil Nadu, South India and more around the world.

Saint Shree Premananda Maharaj Photo

Saint Shree Premananda Maharaj Picture

Premananda Maharaj Photo

Shree Saint Premananda ji Picture

Premananda Swami Maharaj ji

Guru Swami Premananda Maharaj

Premananda Maharaj Ji Wallpaper


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