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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Swami Gopal Tirth Ji Maharaj

Swami Gopal was born on 23rd February, 1938, Ghaziabad. He belongs from the family where many Yogis and Sanyasi's had been born. He was the nephew of P.P.Swami Shri VishnuTirthji Maharaj-a left Shaktipatacharya.

Swami Gopal’s parents were extremely devoted and pious sadhak as the atmosphere of his family was highly disciplined, spiritual and cultured and these all abilities and skills are inherited to Swamiji. He was only 12 years old when his father was expired. His mother by name Pujniya Smt.Kaushalya Devi grew up all children-Swamiji, his brothers, his sisters. His parents have initiation of Shaktipat.

Gopal Tirth Ji has completed his graduation. Swamiji had worked as an engineer in Indian and Merchant. He had joined Paramilitary and Army forces where the post of First class Gazetted officer was held by him. In 1968, he was married and blessed with a son and two daughters.

In 1989, as per Swamiji’s Satguru P.P.Swami ShivomTirthji Maharaj’s permisiion, he got retired voluntary from the government service. In 1974, he got the initiation of Shaktipat after that in Feb.1992; by P.P.Swami ShivomTirthji Maharaj, he was ordained a “Sanyas order” at the Pawan Tirth of Kshipra, Ujjain (MP).

Swami Gopal Swamiji is living at Narayankuti Sanyas Ashram presently and carrying out duty of initiating hopefuls as order given by P.P Swami ShivomTirthji Maharaj.

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