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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bhaktaraj Maharaj

Bhaktaraj Maharaj

Satguru Shri Anantananda Saish, The huge saint who was holy by Shri Saibaba of Shirdi had talented two huge disciples to the globe viz. H. H. Baba (H. H. Bhaktaraj Maharaj was lovingly addressed as Baba by His devotees). The previous (H. H. Bhuranand baba) became a sanyasi staying in a small cottage at Mehtakhedi near Badwah in M.P. and expert penance for years jointly on the bank of the river Narmada helping numerous sadhus and sanyasis who visited his cottage.

The further believer was twisted into a Rajyogi for the release of the devotees attentive in the illusions of the experienced life. “It is not the things and matter that should be deserted but quite their appeal that should be given up”, says he.

Still in his early life before meeting the Guru he was basically a good and pious man with a profound passion for Bhajans and sympathy for the poor and the helpless. Once he had scattered all the crackers in a shop to the poor children on the street and rewarded all the money he had to shop-keeper.

Shri Anantananda Saish had distorted him after keeping him a religious spell always for six months when people took him to be a lunatic and a mad man.

His Guru said “he will make the whole world mad-a prophency that did come true since he did create the world mad with his Guru had said that they are not diverse form the Ramayana and the Geeta. These Bhajans include his philosophy, his communication to the world and the depths of his spiritual knowledge. These Bhajans have proved to be the hunt lights for the spiritual aspirants and perennials source of rich fragrance for the devotees.

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Nikhil (An Enigma) August 14, 2009 at 3:21 AM  

some of your words in article that you have changed from the original material are he was distorted by anantanada saish....please change them

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